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Fresh hop season is here, and we're stoked.

Fresh hops play a pivotal role in the world of craft beer, offering a unique and vibrant flavour profile that sets them apart from their dried or pelletized counterparts. These green, unprocessed hop cones are harvested during the annual hop harvest season, typically in late summer or early fall. Unlike...

BEERS2GO - 5 of our favourite spots around the city to crack a cold one

Kick back, relax, and take us with you: Sometimes you want your fav craft beer, but you don't want the taproom energy, and you don't want to just hang at home either.  Sometimes you crave solitude, fresh air, or maybe a little reward when you reach the summit. Here's a few spots in...

Garden City - fresh, local, fruity

Our Garden City Sour series always features local farms to create the juiciest, most robust beers in our ability.

Undersea Gose - what makes it blue?!

Our Undersea Gose is back and blue as usual courtesy of blue-green algae.

Low Vis - a series of hazy IPA's

Low Vis is our hazy IPA series where the hops are different every time creating fresh new flavours in each brew.

Coastality - our flagship brew

Our flagship brew gets a new look after 4 years!

Seed to Glass - A Short Film

Building our small business on Vancouver Island has meant not having to choose between quantity or quality, we're fortunate to have access to an abundance of sustainable resources so close to home. We made this film to shed some light on where your beer comes from, all the way from a little seed to...

Local Delivery and BC Beer Mail have come to an end

Things feel a bit more normal these days and folks want to buy beer from their local liquor store like they used to, or head down to the brewery for a pint and bring some beer home with them. As these changes have happened, our local beer delivery and provincial...

Robo Beer - An AI Generated Hazy Pale Ale

Have we replaced ourselves with the robot overlords? It feels much too early to say, but one thing is certain, Robo Beer is here and it’s delicious!

Our Code of Conduct - A Commitment to Safer Spaces

At Whistle Buoy Brewing, we are working to create a safer space and like our beer, an experience that is enjoyable for all, regardless of identity.

Explore Vancouver Island's New Accessible Travel Guide ft. WBBC

Accessibility is a key aspect of creating a welcoming space that can accommodate anyone in our community, which is definitely a goal of ours. We believe everyone deserves to have equal access to the products and experiences we offer.

Whistlemania 2022 - Craft Beer, 5 Bands, Live Wrestling, 8 Hours, June 25, Market Square.

After three years, we are finally celebrating our birthday with an all-day music and beer festival in Market Square that features local food vendors and live wrestling entertainment. To say the least, we are pumped!