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WB x Superflux 420 Release - Buds Hazy IPA w/ Terpenes

Buds IPA is a hazy meeting of the minds with our buds over at Superflux. Buds features Cryo Idaho 7, Vic Secret and a blend of terpenes, bringing out all the tropical vibes – thicc juicy citrus, ripe pineapple and a hint of that sticky-icky pine, all rolled into liquid dankness.

We find collaborations are a great way to connect with industry peers, share knowledge, try experimental recipes, and have a few laughs over beers. When we invited the fine brewers at Superflux to make a beer together for the second time, we knew we wanted to create a hazy of IPA of some description since they have been making some of our favourite hazy's for years now and we knew we could learn a few things from working together. As we brainstormed on beer concepts and recipe ideas we landed on creating a cannabis inspired IPA using BrewGas, a liquid brewing solution consisting of botanical terpene-derived cannabis flavour compounds which contain no THC or CBD. Opening a bottle of brew gas is like sticking your head in a big bag of weed and inhaling, which is wild because none of the compounds used were extracted from the Cannabis plant. SCIENCE.

There are several cannabis inspired flavours available and we chose to use Pineapple Express and King Louie XIII, which blend together sweet fruity tropical character with dank skunky bitterness. These cannabis flavours play nicely with hops since they are actually members of the same genetic family but they’ve been historically kept apart by prohibition. Adding these liquid terpenes helped build upon the flavours already present from the dry-hop and really amplified them creating layers to the tasting experience.

The timing of this project worked nicely with the release date falling conveniently on Earth Day, April 20 😉. We thought it would be a great way to pay respect to the age old tradition of getting super baked for the internationally observed counterculture holiday of 420. To be clear, this beer does not technically have any cannabis products in it, but the flavours are indeed inspired by the devil's lettuce.

Buds is available for a limited time at the Whistle Buoy Taproom, Superflux, Superflux Cabana, and select independent craft focussed liquor stores in greater Victoria.


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