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BYOF - 5 great takeout spots within walking distance of the brewery!

If you’ve been around the block a couple of times you already know that you can bring your own food to the taproom, and if you didn’t know now ya know! It's one of the many unique charms about our little brewery.

While our license doesn’t allow for a restaurant, we do offer a light selection of locally sourced bar snacks from Hidden Gem Cafe (hummus + crackers, bar nuts, cookies!)  and rotating pepperoni sticks from Four Quarters Meats.

If you’re looking for more than a little snack you’re still in luck, we're spoiled for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in the downtown core! Here’s 5 of our recent favorites to hit up in no particular order:



Cuisine: Deli + pastry take out

Our top bite: Can’t go wrong with their pizza slice!

Where: 732 Yates Street (pop-up location)

Hours: 8am - 3pm Wednesday through Sunday

Walking time: 6 minutes




Cuisine: Indonesian 

Our top bite: Green curry with prawns

Where: Corner of Market Square past the Drake’s patio

Hours: Monday through Saturday (check google for updated hours)

Walking time: 20 seconds

MENU (refer to photo above ↑)



Cuisine: Authentic Mexican

Our top bite: Beef barbacoa tacos

Where: 540 Fisgard Street

Hours: 11am - 7pm Daily!

Walking time: 3 minutes




Cuisine: Sandwich take-out

Our top bite: Turkey sandwich OR Orzo salad (or both!?)

Where: 710 Pandora Avenue

Hours: 9am - 2:45pm Daily (Then check out RUDI from 4pm - 11pm for a full dinner menu!)

Walking time: 5 minutes




Cuisine: Turkish 

Our top bite: Falafel wrap combo

Where: 1280 Broad Street

Hours: 11am - 10pm Wednesday through Sunday, 2pm - 10pm on Tuesdays

Walking time: 7 minutes



Next time you're visiting bring in your favourite dish... and give us some new ideas for lunch!

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