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Explore Vancouver Island's New Accessible Travel Guide ft. WBBC

Accessibility is a key aspect of creating a welcoming space that can accommodate anyone in our community, which is definitely a goal of ours. We believe everyone deserves to have equal access to the products and experiences we offer.

Whistlemania 2022 - Craft Beer, 5 Bands, Live Wrestling, 8 Hours, June 25, Market Square.

After three years, we are finally celebrating our birthday with an all-day music and beer festival in Market Square that features local food vendors and live wrestling entertainment. To say the least, we are pumped!

Fruit from Victoria's Urban Orchard is in Your Beer and it Matters for Two Big Reasons

This beer is special to us for two reasons, 1. Because the dry, tart, golden nectar is a luxurious sensory experience that makes our taste buds feel like they're strutting the red carpet. And, 2. The ingredients in the glass are a true example of our values in action and we...

BC Beer Mail is now available!

Now anyone of legal drinking age in BC can enjoy Whistle Buoy beer at home!

Western Clash IPA collab w/ Blindman Brewing is our new favourite beer

This old school IPA is made solely with Rocky Mountain Malt from Red Shed Malting located in Penhold Alberta and Centennial Hops from Maple Bay Hop Farm in Maple Bay, BC. 

EP Release show from the Alcoves live at the brewery - Oct 6, 2021

Alcoves, the latest project from Garrett Olson, Joel Jeschke, and Robbie Townsend establish their brand of indie-pop incorporating rousing melodies, lush guitar, and warbly synths that leave audiences in a daze of nostalgia.

Live music is back w/ Kieran Campbell and Jasper Smythe

Kieran Campbell (guitar and vocals) and Jasper Smythe (drums) are a duo born of mutual admiration for big Langford’s, Lil’ Caesar’s crazy bread. Both raised by the boredom of Belmont high, they now breathe their tin can-filled banter in the resident fog bank currently known as Tofino.

Don't be Bumptious, but please try our new Stawberry Berliner

Have you ever sat at a bar and heard two people who really don't know their stuff, pretentiously and overconfidently explain all about the intricacies of craft beer? We think bumptious is a perfect word for that annoying behaviour.

The Good Ocean Cocktail raises money for Ocean Conservation

The Good Ocean Cocktail was designed to reflect the beauty of our oceans and raise awareness about SeaLegacy's Good Ocean - a community of aligned businesses guided by a commitment to respond quickly to the urgent need to make systemic change in consumer habits.

Outer Peace - Spruce Tip Pale Ale

A partnership with Arc'teryx Victoria, this American style pale ale features loads of locally foraged spruce tips giving aromas of walking through a coastal forest during a rain shower in your fave gore tex jacket.

Is NFT IPA a joke? Whistle Buoy makes Canada's first crypto beer...

The winning bid of the NFT artwork will receive the first ever can (#1 of 250), and of course, the 1 of 1 spectacular sci-fi art to go along with it. 

Soundtrack to beer - our curated playlists are now yours

Whether its a cozy mellow vibe on a cold winter night, or sunbathing on the patio on a gorgeous summer day, we've got music to match the mood.