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Seed to Glass - A Short Film

A short film brought to you

by Whistle Buoy Brewing and friends

Environmental stewardship, quality manufacturing, and commitment to low impact business have been core values at Whistle Buoy since the start.
Luckily, living in the productive growing region of Vancouver Island means we don’t have to choose between high quality or local ingredients, we get both! The raw ingredients we use in our beer is the single most important factor for the quality of the end product. This is the story of some of our beautiful ingredients from the seed to your glass, and the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to produce them. 
Featured  in this film include Kyle Michell from Field 5 Farms, Pamela Fox from Silver Rill Berry Farm, Jordan Cain from Maple Bay Hop Farm, and Amanda Swinimer from Dakini Tidal Wilds. The film was produced on W̱SÁNEĆ, Songhees, Quw'utsun, and T'Sou-ke territories.
Driving to Field 5 Farms / W̱SÁNEĆ Territory
Isaiah, Matt, and Kyle touring the malting facility at Field 5 Farms
Kyle Michell giving Matt and Isaiah a private tour of their malting facility, pictured above is the three of them taking a peak at their old school grain mill.


Ariel shot of Silver Rill Berry Farms / W̱SÁNEĆ Territory

Pam and Matt sharing a laugh in the berry crops

Pamela Fox sharing a laugh with Matt after a long day of harvesting, well for Pam. Matt and Isaiah spent the day snacking on the currants... If you've ever had a glass of our Currant Swill you'll understand.


Taking a drive to Maple Bay Hop Farm / Quw'utsun Territory
Jordan, Matt, and Isaiah all sharing a beer in the hop barnJordan Cain, Isaiah, and Matt having a couple pints and shooting the shit in the Maple Bay farmhouse - talking hops and looking back on our journeys so far.


Foggy tree top view of the route to French Beach / T'Sou-ke Territory

Amanda showing Matt the rops of harvesting bull kelp
Amanda Swinimer, our local west coast mermaid, showing Matt and Isaiah the ropes when it comes to responsibly harvesting bull kelp for our Undersea Gose. 


Matt getting ready for a brew day in the Market Square

Founders of Whistle Buoy; Matt, Isaiah, Colin, and Nina enjoying a beer after work in their taproom.

At the end of the day, we love what we do, and we're so grateful that you've joined us for the ride. So relax, have a beer, and pet a dog.



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