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Local Delivery and BC Beer Mail have come to an end

The sun is setting on local beer deliveries and BC beer mail. We're eternally grateful to the folks who have supported us through these channels since we introduced them as a pandemic response measure three years ago. Delivering beer by bike, skateboard, car, or however we could around the city literally kept our business alive when it mattered most. 

We grew up a bit as time went on and began delivering in our fancy Prius. After years of daily local beer deliveries, the demand for this service has slowly dwindled. To us, this makes perfect sense, things feel a bit more normal these days and folks want to buy beer from their local liquor store like they used to, or head down to the brewery for a pint and bring some beer home with them. As these changes have happened, our local beer delivery and provincial beer mail services are no longer viable for our business.


The final local beer deliveries will be going out this Friday, April 14 at 5 pm. If you'd like to use this service before then, we will deliver at 5 daily for the remainder of this week. We will continue to offer our beers online for fast and convenient local pickup in the taproom.

We also offer our beers at some top notch local liquor stores in Victoria including Cook St., Vessel, Caddy Bay, Liquor Planet, and select Cascadia locations (and Moss St. and Esquimalt Farmer's Markets). 


Our business was designed to be taproom focussed with an ever changing list of small-batch experimental beers served in a fun and welcoming central environment. The taproom will always be the number one place to get our latest offerings of fresh local beer. 

You'll still see the beer mobile delivering cans and kegs to local retailers, so give us a wave next time you see us drive by.

Thanks again for the support along the way, we hope to see you in the taproom soon!



Team WB :)

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