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Bring your own food - 5 great takeout restaurants within a 5 minute walk - part 1

5 delicious takeout spots within a 5 minute walk from Whistle Buoy

Hungry? Same! Did you know you can BRING YOUR OWN FOOD to Whistle Buoy? We love seeing all the mouthwatering take-out food that people enjoy in our space. For those of you who haven’t been here yet, we’ve put together a list of 5 delicious takeout spots within a 5 minute walk from the brewery. We also have lots of tasty snacks in house for you to enjoy, more about that later. Since there are way more than 5 amazing restaurants in the neighbourhood, this list is only part one of the foodie paradise tour that is downtown Victoria. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 in the near future.

We repeat, you can eat your delicious takeout food in our cozy taproom or spacious patio and pair it with a cool beer. Here’s our list in no particular order, enjoy!

Dumpling Drop

Bring your own food. Dumpling Drop

Cuisine: Hot and ready dumplings for takeout and pickup

Our top menu pick: Shrimp and Chive dumplings

Distance from Whistle Buoy: 90 meters

Walking time: 1 min

Address: 556A Pandora Ave.

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12:00 - 6:00pm

Learn more 

Cafe Mexico

Bring your own food. Tacos de barbacoa from Cafe Mexico

Cuisine: Mexican - Modern creative and traditional styles of cooking

Our top menu pick: Tacos de Barbacoa

Distance from Whistle Buoy: 70 meters

Walking time: 1 min

Address: 1425 store st

Hours: 3 pm - 9 pm weekdays. Noon - 9 pm weekends. (Subject to change. Check their website below for update)

Learn more


Bring your own food. Famoso Pizzeria

Cuisine: Neapolitan (and new world) Pizza

Our top menu pick: Capricciosa

Distance from Whistle Buoy: 80 meters

Walking time: 1 min

Address: 128 - 560 Johnson St.

Hours: Noon - 9 pm (Subject to change. Check their website below for update)

Learn more

Virtuous Pie

Bring your own food. Virtuous Pie

Cuisine: Vegan flatbread

Our top menu pick: Super Fungi wild mushroom pie

Distance from Whistle Buoy: 100 m

Walking time: 30 s

Address: 530 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8W 1N6

Hours: 11 am - 10 pm daily

Learn more


Bring your own food. Gua-Bao buns

Cuisine: Asian fusion (known for “Gua-Bao” Taiwanese steam buns and Ramen)

Our top menu pick: Tonkatsu Chicken bao bun

Distance from Whistle Buoy: 400 meters

Walking time: 4 minutes

Address: 626 Fisgard St. Victoria, BC V8W 1R6

Hours: Noon - 8:30, Monday to Saturday

Learn more

There you have it, 5 amazing to-go joints within a 5 minute walk from the Whistle Buoy Brewery. Here are a few more food options available to you:


Weekly food pop-ups

We have weekly patio food pop-ups including fresh shucked oysters from the Wandering Mollusk and Venezuelan Arepas from Los Panas Kitchen food cart. More to be announced.

Get it delivered

There are lots of takeout options to have delivered or bring with you. Two of our favorites outside of 5 minutes are Tacofino/Superbaba, and Burger Crush. 


Snack menu (in house)

We have plenty of tasty snacks available daily at the brewery. Here's a list of our snacks and the local suppliers who make them.

Kitchen Sink Cookies - Little June Cafe

Bar nuts - Little June Cafe

Crackers - Jennie Marie’s Cracker Co.

Hummus - Justos Dips

Pepperoni - Four Quarters Meats

Jerky - Bull and Sons Butcher

Pretzels - The Bikery

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