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Desolate handmade block prints

A limited collection of 20 handmade block prints. The following is a description of the printmaking process by the artist, Rio Kaneki:
"These block prints are printed on handmade Japanese paper, with the block that I carved by hand. Since they are hand printed and they aren’t digital copies, every one of them looks slightly different and has its own texture. 
Every single process is done by hand. Block print making is very time consuming method of creating art, especially carving process takes very long time. 
Dimensions 13” x 13”. 

A block print is an image printed from the carved and inked surface of a block. It was invented in the 12th century to the 13th century in Japan, as a printing method for mass production of books and other publications at temples."
This graphic was created for the label of our first ever barrel release, Desolate - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Rio created the original art as a block print, then digitized it so we could print it as a label. We loved the original print so much that we commissioned 20 more pieces to share it with you. 
This product is the print only, and does not come with a frame.

Desolate handmade block prints