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Don't be Bumptious, but please try our new Stawberry Berliner

Our new collaboration beer with Leopold's Tavern (Leo's) Victoria drops Friday, July 30.


Have you ever sat at a bar and heard two people who really don't know their stuff, pretentiously and overconfidently explain all about the intricacies of craft beer? We'll allow these two pieces of work to illustrate what we mean below:


Despite their obvious shortcomings, we decided to make these Bumptious (offensively self-assertive) besties a beer. Bumptious Strawberry Berliner Weisse is made with fresh fruit from Andrew's Farm Stand in Saanich. It's slightly sour, with a soft mouthfeel, fruit forward, and deliciously refreshing.

Available for a limited time while supplies last at Whistle Buoy Brewing and Leo's Victoria. 

Thanks to our friend @ry.stee for the video, to our actors Matt and AJ, and to Rusell Stefan for telling us about the word bumptious. 

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