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Undersea Gose - what makes it blue?!

It's Go-suh not Gos-ay

Our Undersea Gose is one of our recurring brews, and a fan favourite too. Gose's are a style that originated in Goslar, Germany and have since gained popularity in BC's craft beer community.



The main characteristics of a gose will be its use of coriander, lemon peel, and salt - and we get our salt by adding locally harvested bull kelp from Dakini Tidal Wilds in Sooke. This Gose-style beer is full of flavour with a tangy citrus zip, and a slight saltiness from the bull kelp that rounds out this light and refreshing beer and replenishes all of those vital electrolytes. 😉


Okay, but why is it blue!?

A couple of Summers ago we got our hands on some spirulina powder, a blue-green algae that when turned in to a powder is a vibrant blue colour often used as a health supplement or food colouring. Since this beer has always been an homage to the ocean, we thought we'd take it a step further and make it look like the ocean too. 
We make a lot of blue drinks, and you can almost gaurantee it's because of spirulina powder. 

(This is our house margarita, try it sometime!)

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  • Nell on July 28, 2023

    YUM! Ok ;) this is definitely the one that is going to have me ordering next time I am at WhistleBuoy … before my usual (ok pretty much always 😉) much loved Coastality. 🍻

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