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Posts tagged: blog

Hazy Kale Ale with Anchovy

Like one particularly astute Whistle Buoy bartender once said, "people drink with their". So, we let colour guide the way in the recipe development process for our 500th brew and decided to attempt a beer that looked as green as a kale smoothie...

Fruit from Victoria's Urban Orchard is in Your Beer and it Matters for Two Big Reasons

This beer is special to us for two reasons, 1. Because the dry, tart, golden nectar is a luxurious sensory experience that makes our taste buds feel like they're strutting the red carpet. And, 2. The ingredients in the glass are a true example of our values in action and we...

Don't be Bumptious, but please try our new Stawberry Berliner

Have you ever sat at a bar and heard two people who really don't know their stuff, pretentiously and overconfidently explain all about the intricacies of craft beer? We think bumptious is a perfect word for that annoying behaviour.

The Good Ocean Cocktail raises money for Ocean Conservation

The Good Ocean Cocktail was designed to reflect the beauty of our oceans and raise awareness about SeaLegacy's Good Ocean - a community of aligned businesses guided by a commitment to respond quickly to the urgent need to make systemic change in consumer habits.

Bootstrapping + Growing A Taproom Brewery. A podcast by Guest Getter

"One of Whistle Buoy’s not-so-secret weapons is that they masterfully partner with other local businesses to enrich their guest experience and foster relationships with the small biz community"

New Beer release - Secret Stuff Blueberry Sour

Whistle Buoy's new Blueberry Sour. The must see new beer ad from creative mastermind Ryan Steele and all the beer stats you need. Secret Stuff is a refreshing and mouth puckering kettle sour with 110 lbs of blueberries from Michells Farm.

Bring your own food - 5 great takeout restaurants within a 5 minute walk - part 1

We love seeing all the mouthwatering take-out food that people enjoy in our space. For those of you who haven’t been here yet, we’ve put together a list of 5 delicious takeout spots within a 5 minute walk from the brewery. Check out the list here!

Talking shop

If you had to describe Whistle Buoy Brewing to someone who hasn’t seen it, how would you describe it? We have a small brewery and a tasting room and patio right beside it, so you can see where the beer is made while you're drinking it. We are in a...