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Meet Little Vis - our non-alcoholic hazy IPA

As time goes on the non-alcoholic (N/A) beer trend has been steadily growing more popular in recent years, showing a shift in consumer preferences in the craft beer market. Research suggests an increase towards healthier lifestyles, more awareness of alcohol's effects, and a desire for more inclusive social experiences, especially since the COVID pandemic.

There are many reasons to enjoy a N/A brew, but there are a few factors that have contributed pretty significantly to the rise of trendy non-alcoholic beer:

Health and Wellness: Non-alcoholic beer offers a way to enjoy the taste and social aspects of beer without the negative health effects associated with alcohol consumption.

Sobriety and Moderation: Whether it's "Dry January" or not, the growing trend towards sobriety and moderation has led many people to explore non-alcoholic beer options.

Flavor and Quality: As N/A beers grow in popularity many breweries are spending more time exploring the N/A brewing process to produce N/A beers that closely mimic the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of traditional beers, appealing to a broader audience.

Social Acceptance: Non-alcoholic beer is becoming increasingly socially acceptable and widely available, making it easier for people to choose N/A options in social settings where alcohol is typically consumed.

Why "Little Vis"?

If you've been around the Square a few times you'd probably be familiar with our Low Vis Hazy IPA, a staple on our taplist. Low Vis started out as an experimental IPA where the hops would change in every release.

Now that we're almost 5 years in we've finally landed on a recipe that we think settle down with featuring Citra + Mosaic hops. When we decided to venture into the non-alc lane we thought it could be cool to emulate our favourite beer style as closely as possible!

We also put it in a little can.


Find Little Vis exclusively in the Beer Shop to go, or stick around have a glass in the taproom alongside Nonny's Pale Ale, IPA, Czech Pilsner, and other non-alcoholic options.

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