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Live music is back w/ Kieran Campbell and Jasper Smythe

After 20 long months of restrictions, we were able to safely host our first ticketed outdoor live performance, and it was incredible. On August 25, we hosted Kieran Campbell & Jasper Smythe with special guests from Downtown Mischief.

Kieran Campbell and Jasper Smythe playing on WB patio 

The show was presented by our friends at Anian, a local clothing manufacturer and retailer whose storefront is just a stone's throw away from the brewery on Lower Johnson St. The folks at Anian reached out to us to see if we wanted to work together to host the event on our patio, and for the first time in a long time, we realized we would actually be able to say YES to live music.

Kieran Campbell playing acoustic guitar

The following is a bio provided by the band: "Kieran Campbell (guitar and vocals) and Jasper Smythe (drums) are a duo born of mutual admiration for big Langford’s, Lil’ Caesar’s crazy bread. Both raised by the boredom of Belmont high, they now breathe their tin can-filled banter in the resident fog bank currently known as Tofino.

Jasper Smythe playing drums on the WB patio
When they’re not filling their boots with fringes, or their wallets with pennies, you can find these Langford originals banging on drums and throwing their guitars around a cabin found nowhere near this side of the beach."

The group was joined by members of Downtown Mischief for the final few songs to add some Brass and Bass to the arrangement. 

Full band on the patio

A high energy send off left the crowd feeling full of good vibes and excitement that we could once again experience the magic of live music together with our friends in public. 

friends listening to live music on the patio

All public health guidelines were adhered to for the duration of this event and the audience safely enjoyed enjoyed the music (and beer) from their assigned seats.

Friends enjoying live music on the patio

We look forward to announcing more live performances in the coming weeks and hope everyone can get a chance to get out and enjoy some dearly missed live performances in the near future.

Whistle Buoy beers on the patio stage

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the audience, the musicians, and Anian for a wonderful evening of live music, beer, and community. 

Angel M Rodriguez' camera and beer

Special thanks to Angel M Rodriguez for taking these beautiful photos and allowing us to share them with you. 


To listen in on some great tunes from Kieran Campbell, check out his spotify.

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