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Is NFT IPA a joke? Whistle Buoy makes Canada's first crypto beer...

We know you've all been waiting patiently for an NFT you can actually drink...Right?...You're waiting for that?

Well it appears we might have misread the room, but we went ahead and made an NFT beer anyway, because there's not much else going on and it was fun. 

We are pleased to announce, the fresh new release of NFT IPA!

Is it a beer or a piece of digital art? You might ask, and to that we say, absolutely.

NFT IPA is a one of a kind piece of digital art on the blockchain that is available on auction right now. It was created by our very talented friend @ry.stee and can be bid on here on OpenSea. 

Check out the art:


NFT IPA is also an IPA hopped with Nelson, Flex, and Trident hops. It is a limited release beer of which we've made only 250 cans. The 32 oz gold cans are all numbered by hand, so you'll know which one you collected. 

The winning bid of the NFT artwork will receive the first ever can (#1 of 250), and of course, the 1 of 1 spectacular sci-fi art to go along with it. Start your bidding here: 


This beer is also available on draught exclusively at Whistle Buoy. Try one now before it's gone forever.


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