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Explore Vancouver Island's New Accessible Travel Guide ft. WBBC

We are excited to announce the launch of Accessible Travel Guides for the Vancouver Island region! A collaborative effort between various partners, the guides are an important step in making Vancouver Island an #inclusive travel destination for all.

Accessibility is a key aspect of creating a welcoming space that can accommodate anyone in our community, which is definitely a goal of ours. We believe everyone deserves to have equal access to the products and experiences we offer. Check out some great features of the Victoria accessible travel guide in the new video!

We had great confidence that this travel guide program would be relevant and authentic since many of the individuals guiding the projecting have lived experience with accessibility needs. We have been so fortunate to work in collaboration with 4VI, Spinal Cord Injury BC, Destination British Columbia, and 16 other community partners on taking an important step towards making Vancouver Island an inclusive destination with unforgettable experiences for all.

Find out more about Vancouver Island’s new Accessible Travel Guides and visit
Victoria’s page here

Greater Victoria welcomes visitors of all abilities to experience our one-of-a-kind land on the Pacific coast. We are proud to be among our destination's top accessible hospitality businesses that offer an unforgettable and safe experience for your next visit to the Garden City.


Accessible bar 
Accessible space to order at the bar (photo: Lexa Bergen)


Beer and oysters enjoyed at an accessible table
Beer and Oysters enjoyed at an accessible table (photo: Lexa Bergen)


washroom for everyone sign

Accessible washroom for all at Whistle Buoy (photo: Lexa Bergen)

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