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Undersea Gose


Undersea Gose 


5 ibu

Wheat: Yes

Style: Gose (slightly salty, mildly sour) w/ Bull Kelp

Kettle Hops: N/A

Additions: Bull Kelp, Coriander, Lemon Peel

Notes: This Gose-style beer has a tangy citrus zip from the addition of coriander, along with lemon peel. We also added locally harvested bull kelp from Dakini Tidal Wilds (harvested near Sooke), for a slight saltiness that rounds out this light and refreshing beer and replenishes all of those electrolytes you’ve been burning on the patio.

Geek out:

Travel to where the Abzucht and Gose Rivers intersect and you’ll find yourself in Goslar, Germany, the birthplace of the recently popular but 1000-year-old gose style beer.

In case you’ve always wondered but have been too shy to ask, the correct pronunciation is “go-suh.”

Undersea Gose