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Field 5 Altbier - Crowler *no shipping. In-store pickup only*


Field 5 Altbier - 4.8% 28 IBU

Wheat: No

Style: 100% Munich malt Altbeir

Hops: Hallertau Mittelfruh

Notes: Made in collaboration with our friends at Moon Underwater Brewery, we made an Altbier (WB) and a Kolsch (Moon) using 100% Field 5 malt. Historically the altbier and kölsch have a bit of a funny relationship, both are styles of beer produced all over the world and originating from towns less than 40 minutes away from each other. Yet, if you were to go to Düsseldorf (altbier) or Cologne (kölsch) you’d be hard-pressed to find the other beer.

So we thought we’d do sort of the same thing but different! You’ll be able to have both beers side by side, produced less than 2km from each other and made of 100% Field 5 malt grown and malted 20km away from us.Our Field 5 Altbier is made of 100% Munich malt. We decided to take a page out of our friends from Moons book and attempted our first-ever decoction on this beer, to make things a little more interesting and messy…

What the fuck is a decoction? A decoction is the process of removing a portion of the mash and boiling it to allow the development of deeper colour and flavours. We then hopped this beer solely with Hallertau Mittelfruh, allowing the locally grown grain's clean, crisp, biscuity character to shine!

Field 5 Altbier - Crowler *no shipping. In-store pickup only*