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Duffers Fortnight Brown Ale


Duffers Fortnight - Brown Ale 

5.2 %

24 ibu

Wheat: No

Style: Brown Ale

Kettle Hops: Pahto

Notes: An english style brown ale with a hefty malt profile from a blend of Marris Otter, Carafoam, Oats, Crystal Light, Roast, and Chocolate malts. A hint of dark cherry and chocolate on the nose, some sweetness and notes of caramel and cola on the palate, followed by toasty malt character and a balanced bitter finish. A Duffer’s Fortnight is a term in fly fishing that refers to a blessed window of time when the mayflies hatch and the allegedly educated trout of the English chalkstreams become so easy even a duffer can catch them. Let the frenzy begin.

Duffers Fortnight Brown Ale